About Nigel 


The Story of Nigel Kennedy  

Dominating the stage for over twenty-five years in his career, Nigel Kennedy is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading violin aces. British people have no doubt that he is one of the most important violinists Britain has ever produced. Having triple aces up his sleeve — talent, appeal and technique — he has made a lot of contributions to classical music.  

From such a young age, he was trained to use a few musical instruments such as piano and violin. He studied in a well-known music school both in Britain and New York. He showed his brilliance in playing classical music and displaying his talent and genius in violin. 

Nigel has attracted an enormous amount of media attention in both the local and international arena through his extraordinary career. He appeared in various TV shows. He performed for members of the British royal family and has also been presented with much recognition in numerous prestigious award ceremonies. 

His passion for jazz music resulted in the release of a new album called Blue Note, made under the eye of a popular award-winning producer, featuring a band of jazz members. 

In year 2002, Kennedy was appointed as an Artistic Director of the Orchestra, a role that one of the famous classical musicians once held. With this orchestra, he rediscovered a stunning and forgotten classical music. Years later, he produced a very nice album and recorded songs with a group he dubbed as Nigel’s Quintet. Due to the high praises he received for this album, Kennedy’s star continued to soar. In 2010, his UK performances were a staggering success, and included a stunning, sold out show in London. 

Up to now, Nigel Kennedy is still doing classical music and his performances are continued to be highly appreciated in the local and international arenas for providing world-class music.